2018 Wines on Auction

The complete list of wines to be sold on this year’s auction appears here. The wines are published in alphabetical order.

ProducerWineVintagePack SizeCasesPreserve Price per case
Aaldering Vineyards & Wines Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot20076x750ml3 R 2,400
Allesverloren Cabernet Sauvignon20036x750ml15 R 1,050
AllesverlorenShiraz20086x1.5L8 R 1,500
AlmenkerkSyrah20106x750ml10 R 1,800
AltoCabernet Sauvignon20006x750ml7 R 2,400
AltoShiraz20086x750ml20 R 1,200
AnnandaleCabernet Sauvignon20046x750ml10 R 1,500
Asara Wine Estate & HotelCarillon20126x500ml7 R 1,200
Asara Wine Estate & HotelThe Bell Tower20116x750ml10 R 2,100
Bartinney +Cabernet Sauvignon ^20096x750ml6 R 1,500
Bartinney +Chardonnay ^2008As AboveAs AboveAs Above
Bayede!7 Icon Chardonnay20156x750ml15 R 1,500
Beau Constantia +Lucca20116x750ml16 R 1,800
Beaumont Family WinesHope Marguerite20146x750ml6 R 1,500
Blake's Family WinesTourmaline20156x750ml11 R 720
Bloemendal Wine EstateSuider Terras20156x750ml10 R 2,400
Boplaas Family VineyardsCape Vintage Reserve Port20046x750ml10 R 2,100
Boplaas Family VineyardsFamily Reserve Touriga Nacional20126x750ml10 R 1,200
Bosman Family VineyardsOptenhorst Chenin Blanc20086x750ml10 R 1,500
Chateau Libertas *19683x750ml2 R 4,500
Chateau Libertas *19783x750ml2 R 3,000
Clos MalverneAuret20116x750ml2 R 1,500
De Grendel WinesMerlot20126x750ml10 R 2,100
De KransCape Vintage Reserve20046x750ml10 R 1,800
De Wetshof EstateBateleur Chardonnay Magnum20153x1.5L6 R 1,650
Delaire Graff EstateWhite Reserve20116x750ml6 R 3,000
Delheim Edelspatz Noble Late Harvest Botrytis20126x375ml10 R 1,200
DeMorgenzonMaestro White20136x750ml8 R 1,800
DeMorgenzon Reserve Chardonnay20156x750ml10 R 3,000
Durbanville Hills Biesjes Craal Sauvignon Blanc20116x750ml10 R 950
Durbanville Hills Caapmans Cabernet Merlot20066x750ml20 R 1,800
Durbanville Hills Luipaardsberg Merlot20096x750ml8 R 1,500
Eikendal Chardonnay20146x750ml20 R 1,200
Fleur du Cap Unfiltered Merlot20076x750ml15 R 1,200
Fleur du Cap Noble Late Harvest20086x375ml4 R 900
Fleur du Cap Unfiltered Chardonnay20096x750ml6 R 900
Fleur du Cap Unfiltered Special White Blend20126x750ml2 R 900
Fleur du Cap Unfiltered Semillon20116x750ml10 R 900
Groot Constantia EstateGouverneurs Reserve20126x750ml3 R 3,000
Groot Constantia EstateShiraz20096x750ml3 R 2,400
Hartenberg Family VineyardsShiraz20066x750ml11 R 3,000
Haskell VineyardsPillars20086x750ml10 R 1,800
Hermanuspietersfontein WineryNr.520126x750ml3 R 1,200
Hermanuspietersfontein WineryNr.520136x750ml3 R 1,200
Iona Pinot Noir20126x750ml10 R 2,700
JC Le Roux - WITHDRAWNScintilla - WITHDRAWN20016x750ml10 R 1,500
Kanonkop Wine EstatePinotage20014x1.5L15 R 4,000
Ken Forrester WinesThe FMC20106x750ml10 R 3,000
Kleine Zalze Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon20086x750ml10 R 3,000
Kleine Zalze Family Reserve Shiraz20076x750ml40 R 2,400
KWV The Mentors Cabernet Franc20106x750ml10 R 2,100
KWV The Mentors Chardonnay20126x750ml10 R 1,800
KWV The Mentors Orchestra20106x750ml6 R 2,100
La Couronne Wine EstateMuscatNV6x375ml8 R 1,080
L'Avenir Chenin Blanc20066x750ml20 R 1,800
Le Lude +Vintage Brut20126x750ml10 R 1,800
Le Lude +Vintage Brut Agrafe20126x750ml5 R 5,400
Le Lude +Vintage Cuvee20123x1.5L5 R 3,600
Le Riche WinesCabernet Sauvignon Reserve20106x750ml30 R 3,000
Lomond Wine EstateSnowbush20126x750ml30 R 900
Monis *Collectors Port19483x750ml1 R 9,000
Mulderbosch VineyardsSingle Vineyard Chenin Blanc Block A20146x750ml35 R 1,200
Nederburg II Centuries Cabernet Sauvignon20076x750ml60 R 1,800
Nederburg64 Port19643x750ml2 R 6,000
NederburgEdelkeur19963x375ml2 R 900
NederburgEdelkeur20126x375ml30 R 1,200
NederburgHeritage Heroes The Anchorman Chenin Blanc20136x750ml10 R 900
NederburgHeritage Heroes The Motorcycle Marvel20096x750ml25 R 1,200
NederburgHeritage Heroes The Young Airhawk Sauvignon Blanc20156x750ml10 R 900
NederburgIngenuity Italian Red Blend20086x750ml8 R 2,100
NederburgPrivate Bin Eminence19983x375ml2 R 900
NederburgPrivate Bin Eminence20126x375ml30 R 1,000
NederburgPrivate Bin R121 Shiraz20046x750ml30 R 2,400
NederburgPrivate Bin R121 Shiraz20116x750ml150 R 1,800
NederburgPrivate Bin R163 Cabernet Sauvignon20036x750ml30 R 2,400
NederburgPrivate Bin R163 Cabernet Sauvignon20096x750ml40 R 2,000
NederburgPrivate Bin R181 Merlot20096x750ml100 R 1,500
NederburgVintage Cabernet Sauvignon19753x750ml2 R 4,500
Neethlingshof EstateThe Short Story Collection Maria20116x375ml8 R 1,200
Nuy WineryRooi Muscadel20026x750ml10 R 1,200
Nuy WineryWit Muscadel20066x750ml10 R 900
Oak Valley EstateChardonnay20156x750ml60 R 900
Oude Libertas *Pinotage19783x1.5L1 R 4,500
Old Vines Project: Meerendal Heritage Block Pinotage20106x750ml5 R 3,420
Perdeberg WineryThe Dry Land Collection Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc20136x750ml5 R 720
Perdeberg WineryThe Dry Land Collection Rossouw's Heritage20156x750ml5 R 720
Plaisir de Merle Sauvignon Blanc20126x750ml10 R 900
Rijk's Pinotage Reserve20066x750ml15 R 2,400
Romond Vineyards Rebus Cape Cuvee20116x750ml20 R 1,200
Rudera WinesDe Tradisie Chenin Blanc20116x750ml10 R 1,500
Sijnn +Touriga Nacional20126x750ml30 R 2,100
Spier 21 Gables Chenin Blanc20126x750ml15 R 1,800
Spier 21 Gables Pinotage20116x750ml10 R 2,400
Spier Creative Block 520126x750ml15 R 1,800
Spioenkop Wines1900 Pinotage20126x750ml10 R 2,100
Spioenkop WinesRiesling20136x750ml10 R 1,600
Stellenbosch Hills 1707 Reserve White20136x750ml6 R 720
Stellenrust Wine EstateCabernet Sauvignon20076x750ml20 R 1,500
Stellenrust Wine EstatePeppergrinder's Shiraz20086x750ml8 R 1,500
Strandveld VineyardsSyrah20126x750ml13 R 900
Super Single Vineyards Pella Merlot20126x750ml10 R 2,000
Vergelegen G.V.B White20136x750ml10 R 1,800
Vondeling WinesBabiana20136x750ml16 R 1,800
Vondeling WinesRurale20136x750ml1 R 2,100
Vriesenhof VineyardsGrenache20123x1.5L20 R 1,500
Zonnebloem Laureat20086x750ml10 R 1,200
Zonnebloem *Laureat19883x1.5L1 R 2,500
Zonnebloem *Pinotage19786x750ml1 R 3,000

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