2017 Wines on Auction

The complete list of wines to be sold on this year’s auction appears here. The wines are published in alphabetical order, with corresponding item number, vintage, pack size, cases and reserve price.

AalderingShiraz20076 x 750ml4R 2,630.00
AlmenkerkChardonnay20106 x 750ml10R 1,320.00
AlmenkerkChardonnay20136 x 750ml10R 1,320.00
AlmenkerkSyrah20116 x 750ml10R 1,320.00
AltoCabernet Sauvignon20076 x 750ml20R 1,800.00
AnnandaleC.V.P20046 x 500ml10R 1,200.00
Axe HillCape Vintage Port20056 x 500ml15R 1,800.00
+ BlakeAmethyst20116 x 750ml24R 1,800.00
BloemendalSuider Terras20156 x 750ml10R 2,500.00
BoplaasCape Vintage Reserve Port20066 x 750ml10R 2,100.00
BoplaasGamka20126 x 750ml10R 1,200.00
Bosman Family VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon20076 x 750ml5R 1,480.00
Cape Point VineyardsIsliedh20136 x 750ml10R 1,450.00
+ Catherine MarshallPinot Noir20116 x 750ml5R 1,500.00
*# Chateau LibertasChateau Libertas19576 x 750ml1R 6,000.00
# Chateau LibertasChateau Libertas19676 x 375ml1R 3,000.00
+ David & NadiaAristargos20146 x 750ml10R 2,500.00
De GrendelMerlot20106 x 750ml10R840.00
De KransCape Vintage Reserve Port20066 x 750ml10R 1,800.00
Delaire GraffCabernet Sauvignon Reserve20116 x 750ml6R 3,900.00
DeMorgenzonMaestro White20126 x 750ml10R 1,320.00
DeMorgenzonReserve Chenin Blanc20054 x 1.5L5R 3,500.00
DeMorgenzonReserve Chenin Blanc20146 x 750ml10R 2,100.00
DiemersdalPrivate Collection20126 x 750ml20R900.00
Durbanville HillsBiesjes Craal Sauvignon Blanc20096 x 750ml20R800.00
Durbanville HillsCaapmans Cabernet Merlot20076 x 750ml15R 1,000.00
Durbanville HillsRhinofields Chardonnay20096 x 750ml20R700.00
Durbanville HillsRhinofields Noble Late Harvest20126 x 375ml5R700.00
Eagles' NestShiraz20116 x 750ml15R 1,580.00
EikendalMerlot20096 x 750ml10R 1,400.00
*# Fleur du CapSpecial Late Harvest19833 x 750ml1R 750.00
Fleur du CapUnfiltered Chardonnay20126 x 750ml22R750.00
Fleur du CapUnfiltered Merlot20066 x 750ml15R 1,100.00
Fleur du CapUnfiltered Viognier Limited Release20046 x 750ml18R900.00
GlenellyLady May20106 x 750ml30R 2,630.00
Groot ConstantiaGouverneurs Reserve20106 x 750ml7R 3,500.00
HaskellAeon20083 x 750ml10R 1,980.00
HermanuspietersfonteinDie Arnoldus20096 x 750ml2R 3,170.00
HermanuspietersfonteinDie Martha20066 x 750ml3R 2,100.00
HermanuspietersfonteinDie Martha20086 x 750ml3R 2,100.00
IonaChardonnay20146 x 750ml10R 3,000.00
JC Le RouxScintilla20016 x 750ml15R 1,200.00
JordanCabernet Sauvignon20126 x 750ml10R 2,100.00
JordanCobblers Hill20036 x 750ml10R 3,690.00
JordanCobblers Hill20124 x 1.5L10R 3,860.00
JordanInspector Péringuey Chenin Blanc20146 x 750ml10R 1,320.00
KanonkopPinotage20044 x 1.5L20R 3,200.00
Ken ForresterThe FMC20096 x 750ml1R 3,320.00
Ken ForresterThe FMC Single Barrel20146 x 750ml10R 3,660.00
La MotteCabernet Sauvignon19876 x 750ml20R890.00
La MotteMillenium19976 x 750ml15R680.00
LanzeracCabernet Sauvignon19706 x 375ml4R 3,000.00
LanzeracMrs English20116 x 750ml8R 2,000.00
LanzeracPinotage19926 x 750ml4R 3,000.00
*# Meerlust Bordeaux Blend19783 x 750ml1R 3,000.00
*# Meerlust Cabernet Sauvignon19803 x 1.5L1R 3,000.00
+ MetzerSyrah20096 x 750ml7R 1,080.00
MonisVery Old Tawny Port19896 x 750ml1R 1,800.00
MorgensterMorgenster20056 x 750ml10R 2,490.00
Mulderbosch1000 Miles Sauvignon Blanc20126 x 750ml18R 1,500.00
NederburgII Centuries Sauvignon Blanc20096 x 750ml50R 1,200.00
NederburgHeritage Heroes The Young Airhawk Sauvignon Blanc20116 x 750ml35R700.00
(Withdrawn) NederburgIngenuity White Blend20086 x 750ml18R 1,000.00
NederburgPrivate Bin D234 Sauvignon Blanc20146 x 750ml100R900.00
NederburgPrivate Bin D253 Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay20096 x 750ml20R 1,000.00
NederburgPrivate Bin Edelkeur19826 x 375ml1R 3,000.00
NederburgPrivate Bin Edelkeur19986 x 375ml1R 1,500.00
NederburgPrivate Bin Edelkeur20136 x 375ml20R900.00
NederburgPrivate Bin Eminence19896 x 375ml2R 1,800.00
NederburgPrivate Bin Eminence20116 x 375ml20R900.00
NederburgPrivate Bin R101 Malbec20036 x 750ml45R 1,500.00
NederburgPrivate Bin R121 Shiraz20066 x 750ml100R 1,500.00
NederburgPrivate Bin R163 Cabernet Sauvignon20036 x 750ml45R 1,500.00
NederburgPrivate Bin R163 Cabernet Sauvignon20116 x 750ml150R 1,200.00
NederburgPrivate Bin R172 Pinotage20066 x 750ml50R 1,500.00
NederburgPrivate Bin R181 Merlot20126 x 750ml100R 1,000.00
NederburgPrivate Bin S316 Weisser Riesling Noble Late Harvest20016 x 375ml10R 1,200.00
NuyRooi Muskadel20106 x 750ml10R800.00
NuyWit Muskadel20126 x 750ml10R800.00
*+Old Vine Project2 x bottles each per case:
Alheit Cartology
Boekenhoutskloof Semillon
The Sadie Family 'T Voetpad
6 x 750ml
R 6,000.00
Paul CluverSeven Flags Pinot Noir20116 x 750ml5R 3,000.00
PerdebergThe Dry Land Collection Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc20136 x 750ml5R500.00
PerdebergThe Dry Land Collection Chenin Blanc20136 x 750ml3R500.00
Plaisir de MerleCabernet Sauvignon20026 x 750ml32R 1,200.00
Plaisir de MerleMerlot19996 x 750ml25R 1,200.00
Plaisir de MerleShiraz20026 x 750ml5R 1,200.00
PongráczDesiderius20036 x 750ml30R 1,500.00
RaatsOld Vine Chenin Blanc20144 x 1.5L9R 2,000.00
+ Rainbow's EndCabernet Franc20126 x 750ml10R 2,100.00
RemhoogteCabernet Sauvignon20086 x 750ml4R 1,500.00
RomondRebus Cabernet Franc20106 x 750ml20R 1,860.00
RooibergRed Muscadel20096 x 750ml20R360.00
RustenbergStellenbosch John X Merriman20084 x 1.5L8R 3,400.00
Seven Oaks6 + 1 James William Reserve20126 x 750ml50R540.00
Seven SpringsArt Series Syrah20121 x 1.5L4R300.00
Seven SpringsChardonnay20126 x 750ml4R 1,200.00
Seven SpringsPinot Noir Young Vines II20126 x 750ml8R900.00
ShannonRockview Ridge Pinot Noir20126 x 750ml6R 1,710.00
ShannonSemillon20146 x 750ml6R 1,200.00
Signal HillSemillon Old Vines20116 x 750ml16R400.00
+ SpioenkopRiesling20116 x 750ml10R 1,200.00
+ StellekayaCabernet Sauvignon20026 x 750ml6R 2,100.00
Stellenbosch VineyardsCredo Limited Release Verdelho20156 x 750ml15R 1,500.00
Stellenbosch VineyardsThe Flagship Cabernet Franc20106 x 750ml7R 2,400.00
Stellenrust49 Chenin Blanc20136 x 750ml20R 1,500.00
StellenrustBarrel Fermented Chardonnay20126 x 750ml10R 1,000.00
StellenrustChenin Blanc20136 x 750ml15R 1,000.00
StellenrustCorner Stone Pinotage20086 x 750ml15R 1,500.00
StellenrustJJ Handmade Picalot20086 x 750ml18R 1,500.00
StellenrustTimeless20066 x 750ml11R 1,800.00
StellenzichtGolden Triangle Chardonnay20076 x 750ml16R850.00
StellenzichtStellenzicht19976 x 750ml20R 2,400.00
StellenzichtSyrah19946 x 750ml15R 5,000.00
Super Single VineyardsPella Malbec20126 x 750ml8R 1,840.00
TokaraDirector's Reserve Red20066 x 750ml20R 4,140.00
UitkykCabernet Sauvignon20006 x 750ml8R 1,200.00
UitkykCabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz20056 x 750ml22R 1,100.00
UitkykCarlonet19966 x 750ml8R 2,400.00
UitkykCarlonet20046 x 750ml6R 1,800.00
UitkykChenin Blanc20136 x 750ml15R950.00
+ VondelingBabiana20116 x 750ml5R 1,800.00
+ VondelingBabiana20136 x 750ml20R 1,500.00
+ VondelingChardonnay20096 x 750ml5R 1,200.00
WarwickCabernet Franc20106 x 750ml8R 2,400.00
# Zonnebloem Cabernet Sauvignon19876 x 750ml1R 4,500.00
ZonnebloemChenin Blanc Limited Edition20116 x 750ml17R 700.00
# Zonnebloem Shiraz19776 x 750ml1R 3,800.00

+ new participants | * too rare to taste | # Distell Tabernacle

The Tabernacle is Distell’s exclusive library, which houses a veritable treasure trove of old wine gems that bear testimony to both the winemaking techniques of yesteryear and the exuberant quality of older South African wines.