The Wine Thinker to address guests attending the 2015 Nederburg Auction

The wine world is going through a revolution that is passing almost unnoticed, says Robert Joseph, British wine expert, highly acclaimed writer and keynote speaker at the 41st annual Nederburg Auction on Saturday 12 September.

Named by Decanter magazine back in 1997 as one of the 50 people who would be influencing the way people would drink in the 21st century, Robert believes that changes in production, consumer behavior and distribution are contributing towards a quiet revolution that will have a far-reaching impact on the wine industry of the future.

“Things are changing at the production end with simultaneous moves towards successful ‘beverage alcohol’ wines with names like Cupcake that are bought like beer; luxury wines selling at previously unthinkable prices; and ‘issue’ wines, purchased because of the way they are made or the stance of the people who produced them.”

“Among consumers, things are changing too. Today, we trust our peers, or just possibly a supplier. Even in developing markets, wine drinkers are no longer in awe of traditional blue chip regions like Bordeaux.”

These are just a few of the insights that Robert, appropriately known as the Wine Thinker, looks forward to sharing with buyers, producers and media as the Nederburg Auction, and the wider industry, looks to play a palpable part in building the wine heroes of the future, while protecting the best of its winemaking past.