The Nederburg Charity Auction is committed to investing in the futures of the people who form the backbone of our local wine industry: our labour, teachers and social workers who help to educate and care for our workforce, their children and their dependents.

Since 1993, the Nederburg Auction has invested in local charity organisations in the areas of healthcare, youth development and education.

On offer are specially donated wines, many of which are extremely rare and therefore have a high collectable status.



  1. Anyone can participate in the Charity Auction. If you do not have a paddle, you may bid with a raised hand.
  2. No splits allowed.
  3. Should your bid be successful, you will be required to complete your details on a form that will be presented to you straight after the bidding has concluded.
  4. Payment for items must be made at the end of the Charity Auction.
  5. Charity items purchased, other than barrels, must be collected when leaving.
  6. Proof of payment must be shown in order to collect items purchased in the Charity Auction.
  7. We do not endorse general container transportation or shipping and we cannot be held liable for any damage that occurs.
  8. No co-loads will be allowed. The Charity Auction runs independently of the main Auction and items do not hold export documentation.
  9. Once charity items are signed and paid for on Auction day, they become the responsibility of the buyer.
  10. Due to the rarity of the Charity Auction items, they should be handled with care.
  11. All Charity Auction items are ex VAT. VAT will be added to all invoices.