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Change is imperative for freedom of creation and the discovery of new experiences. With change, we move forward in life. From every stroke of a paintbrush or every pressing of a grape, everything we do evolves from one thing to the next. Inspired by the famous Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher’s use of the infinity symbol and tessellation art, “Evolve” has been selected as the theme for the 2018 Nederburg Auction.

The 2018 logo, in the shape of the infinity symbol, details some of the most important elements of winemaking including land, roots, leaves and water, which are influenced by ecosystems, weather patterns, urbanisation and industry. These are constantly evolving and yet intertwined with each other, striving to work together. All links drive change. All change drives evolution.

The wines on offer this year have evolved along with each producer’s unique evolution process, the result of their obsession with getting it right. The Nederburg Auction has a long, proud history as the country’s leading platform for the sale of rare, iconic South African wines and it too has evolved over the past 44 years. In 1975, the Auction started with 5 participating producers and grew into a rather lavish wine industry event for almost 2,000 guests by the mid to late 90s. Since then it has become a more serious and focused wine business event offering world-class, otherwise-unobtainable rare wines for serious wine collectors.

We invite you to invest in this excellence at the 44thNederburg Auction by making some of these rare wine gems your own and ensuring you don’t miss out on South Africa’s rapidly evolving wine industry, a place where change is the only constant.

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Nature authors perfection. It’s in the flawless flowering of an artichoke, the elegant uncurling of a fern, the arrangement of a pine cone’s bracts. It’s perfection that also prompted the Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa to pen his famous Fibonacci sequence, the theme of the 2017 Nederburg Auction selection.

On offer this year is the culmination of years of relentless pursuit of that perfection: wines flawless and mature at their pinnacle, the result of every producer’s unique expression of terroir, character, the heart of the fruit.

South Africa’s pursuit of the perfect wine started when the first grapes were pressed in the Cape in 1659. Today, producers are challenged like never before in this quest. It demands great respect – for heritage, for terroir, for obsession even, to get it right. Taking their craft back to the spiral, with each turn of the press, forging our iconic wines one bottle at a time.

We invite our guests to invest in this excellence at the 43rdNederburg Auction. You will be nurturing perfection, and help ensure that its pursuit continues well beyond today.

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Now in its 42nd year, the Nederburg Auction has a long, proud history as the country’s leading platform for the sale of rare, icon South African wines, making its 2016 theme especially fitting.

This year’s auction puts the spotlight on Heritage. South Africa has a long, illustrious history of winemaking and it is to this inheritance, passed down through generations, that we look as we showcase a collection of the industry’s finest wines on the 16th & 17th September.

But, we cannot merely lean on lessons learned and successes celebrated if we are to continue producing icon wines that keep South Africa firmly on the world wine map. For this, we must fuse the very best of the old with the discoveries of the new; the legacy of the past with the innovation and winemaking practices of the present. Together, this blending of past and present will forge the iconic wines still to come – those with long-term ageing potential that will chart their own course and in time become tomorrow’s tradition.

This year’s focus on Heritage, which ties seamlessly into the Auction’s commitment of ‘Inspiring tomorrow’s legacy today’, is beautifully captured through the symbolism of the rings of a tree. The wood rings, which symbolise growth, capture the essence of the Nederburg Auction’s heritage and its aim to help build South Africa’s wine heroes of the future, while protecting the best of our winemaking past.

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What lies beyond 40 years of building a reputation as one of the five premium wine auctions in the world?

The Nederburg Auction mirrors the South African wine industry. It reflects its finest, and bears witness to its challenges. For 40 years, it has invested in excellence as the country’s leading platform for the sale of rare, premium wines and looking back, we’re confident that it has provided the opportunity for their fair and equitable distribution.

In 2014, the prices achieved at the Auction for beautifully matured South African wines not only reflected the exceptional quality of the wines on offer, but proved that icon South African wines are worth their weight in gold. This is the legacy of the Nederburg Auction. This is what sets it apart from all other fine wine platforms.

But that is no reason to rest on our laurels. Now, more than ever, we must look ahead. Beyond, our 2015 theme, is as much an attempt to chart our own course as it is to impact the industry’s future. The time has arrived for the Auction to take its legacy and inspire the icon wines of the future.

It is true that icon wines take decades to create, but sadly, time is a luxury in today’s instant gratification society, where many wines are made for immediate enjoyment.

The Nederburg Auction’s mission therefore, is to ensure that the legacy of creating iconic wines, those with long- term ageing potential, continues.

And along with it our country’s rich, beautiful, rare wine heritage, evident in every bottle purchased at the Nederburg Auction. We cannot achieve this without our icon producers. As they chart their own course, the result is winemaking that is confident, imaginative, sensitive and highly responsive to their specific environment. And it is via an inclusive platform such as the Nederburg Auction that they can excel, leveraging the opportunity to put forward something really special that through the selection process rewards quality above all, but also character and definition. These are elements that can only be achieved by attention to detail, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. We encourage that enthusiastic confidence among our producers, and hope to play a palpable part in building the wine heroes of the future, while protecting the best of our winemaking past. This is our story. It’s one that the Nederburg Auction will embrace as it marks its 41st edition, and we invite you to join us in celebrating the future successes of South Africa’s best, rare wines.

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It was an extraordinary few weeks in the spring of 1968 that set the Nederburg Auction on its course. Rain, an unexpected week of sunshine and dehydrating wind, then disaster. Rot running rampant through vineyards, an entire vintage at risk.

But through this exceptional time, an exceptional man sensed opportunity. Nederburg cellarmaster Günter Brözel retired to his cellar to create a wine that could not exist but for this particular set of circumstances: Edelkeur. The wine that launched the Nederburg Auction.

Brözel always carefully qualifies this contribution to South African wine. “First”, he says “you need balance. In art, in wine, as in life and birth, only when all elements are in balance, can artists ply their craft, can great creations manifest. And such creations”, he said, “deserved a special sales platform”.

Four other producers, Delheim, Overgaauw, Groot Constantia and Simonsig, shared Brözel’s view and put forward their rarest and most extraordinary wines to be sold at auction. From the start, the Auction was an expression of excellence, the very product of balance: of artistry in the vineyard, of thoughtful care in the cellar, of pure genius in marketing. It would, in years to come, serve as an incentive for higher wine standards in South Africa and create a platform for the fairer distribution of rare wines.

The 2014 Nederburg Auction pays homage to the artists that, over the past 40 years, have continued to pursue this coveted balance. Year after year their masterpieces have been carefully selected to represent the most collectable wines, and they are showcased on an equally maintained platform worthy of such art.

Over time, the Nederburg Auction has grown from just five to more than a hundred top South African producers participating in what has become the yardstick for premium wine, annually attracting buyers from across the country – and indeed the world – in search of excellence.

To these iconic creations, we proudly affix our unique Seal of Approval.

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The 2013 Nederburg Auction is adding another facet to its already world-renowned benchmark pursuit of unique character, quality and style. This year, the Auction is also actively pursuing greater authenticity in both the user experience and origin of wines on offer.

“We have chosen to focus on the theme word ‘authenticity’ for 2013, not only as a means to highlight the Auction’s renewed focus on quality, but also to bring South Africa’s Wine of Origin legislation back into the spotlight, alongside the Auction’s own unique Seal of Approval that is affixed to all bottles sold at the Auction as a mark of quality and authenticity”, says Nederburg Auction manager Dalene Steyn.

Its line-up is taking guests on a journey from the cool Coastal Region, through the Breede River Valley, across to the Klein Karoo and down to the Cape South Coast, this year exploring the extensive diversity of South Africa’s vineyards, terroir and winemaking expertise.

While the Auction Seal of Approval confirms that the wines selected are curated by an international team as the best on offer, the Wine of Origin label confirms that 100% of the grapes from which the wine is made, come from a specific area. The wine, and hence the experience, is doubly certified as authentic.

The Nederburg Auction’s aim is simple – to facilitate the demand and supply that exists in the fine wine market, through an authentic rare wine platform where wine connoisseurs and winemakers meet to partake in and celebrate a stellar collection of wines that are marked for their quality, rarity and authenticity.

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It’s only through our senses that we make sense of the world. It’s how we navigate and how we define ourselves. Sensory experiences trigger our memories, warn us of danger and help us to change.

This year’s Nederburg Auction plans to let you Discover Your Senses in fresh, exciting new ways. We invite you to indulge in the ultimate sensory experience as we celebrate 38 years of selling the cream of South Africa’s wines.

“Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing.” – Ernest Hemingway

A world defined by us – Guided by our perception – Speaking our language – A playground for our senses

A vision of promise – Shaped to perfection – Curved to make you look – Beauty in the eye of the beholder

Touching a world of possibilities – Bottled desire – Moulded for appreciation – Outside revealing what’s within

Sounds of gentle explosion – Distinct notes of clarity – A ripple of memory – An echo that will last forever

Fragrant delight – Aromatic experiences that fulfil – Deep breaths – Scents encouraging the next step

Flavours to excite – Liquid lavish – Tilting… yet perfect balance – Perfection personified

A moment of truth – Time stands still

Discover your Senses

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As humans we have always felt the need to express what’s inside. In fact, the oldest artworks found to date are believed to have been created between 300 000 and 700 000 years ago; the oldest musical instrument discovered is a ute made from bone and thought to be around 60 000 years old. It is inherent in each and every one of us to express what’s inside.

These days we express ourselves through the way we dress, the way we dance, the style of our hair, our choice in jewellery. And through this need for expression we create. We write songs, novels, speeches and poems. We design buildings, clothing, cars and furniture. We create art, music, food and of course, wine.

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