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The Breytenbach Centre

Based in Wellington, the Breytenbach Centre is a multidisciplinary cultural center for training and engaging with visual arts, music, drama and creative writing. The centre’s drama project – story telling through the art of puppetry – involves drama groups from the centre visiting the youth at various schools and farms in the Boland area, where, through a combination of puppetry and theatre, various issues such as hygiene, peer pressure, drugs and alcohol abuse, and animal care, are addressed. The project provides a platform for the youth to gain access to the arts while at the same time offering life skills to help them make responsible choices.

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Hope Through Action

Hope Through Action is a non-profit organisation, registered both in the UK and South Africa, specifically created to bring about life-changing initiatives for young people in South Africa. Sport  (more recently also arts programmes) is used as a medium, not only to develop positive life skills, physical ability and confidence, but also to assist young people in coping with difficult realities.  Their vision is to through the power of sport, change lives, bring hope and to release potential.