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The Nederburg Auction, South Africa’s premier wine auction of rare and iconic wines, takes place over two days in September each year. The perfect opportunity for guests from around the world to catch-up with old friends and make new ones while being entertained and wowed from beginning to end. Guests attending will be treated to some of the finest foods and beverages, which are also synonymous with the Cape Winelands. Top celeb chefs and baristas are on hand to indulge guests in their unique evolution with their culinary and coffee creations accompanied by live entertainment.

The Nederburg Auction is not too dissimilar to a game of golf where those who attend are passionate about wine, want to meet and network with people who share this passion, generally friends or business associates. While on the course, golf is highly competitive, similarly, whilst in the bidding hall, the competition and tension is palpable. With deals agreed and after all is said and done, the day ends in the 19th hole with a fantastic gourmet lunch and celebration of the day’s activities.

Friday: The pre-Auction tasting takes place on the first day, where buyers are given an opportunity to meet the creators of some of South Africa’s most remarkable wines and to taste all but the rarest wines going under the hammer. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to purchase tickets to attend some Tutored Tastings hosted by some top wine personalities. The tasting will be followed by the Charity Auction and a networking and social gourmet dinner experience.

Saturday: Day two is business focussed with the Auction commencing early with the keynote address. The Auction is an opportunity for serious wine buyers to network, buy iconic wines and be engaged without distraction. To ensure punters remain focussed and at the top of their game, sommeliers will be serving wine and canapés throughout the morning.  After a busy and intense morning of bidding, the day will evolve into an afternoon of enjoying fine cuisine from supremely talented chefs whilst being entertained by awesome tunes from local artists.

The Auction promises to be a memorable and fantastic event where iconic wines and gourmet food are the focus of the day.

The carefully selected judging panel consisting of wine experts and Masters of Wine (MW) have selected some of the most rare and iconic South African wines for the Auction. The Nederburg Auction has established itself as one of the top wine auctions globally with a focus on rare vintages, iconic wines and wines which are expected to age exceptionally well. Wine lovers and wine buyers are invited to apply for the few available tickets to attend. This exclusive experience is by invitation only and invitations are limited and distributed at the discretion of the Nederburg Auction organisers.

First time participants can purchase a ticket at R1,800 per person (valid for both Friday and Saturday). Tickets are only charged for in the first year of attendance as long as new participants are active and successful buyers at the auction. Buyers will be included on future guest lists, without a requirement for purchasing a ticket should the requirements be met.

An Auction ticket includes:

Friday: Ticket Holder and a guest (Pre-Auction tasting, Charity Auction, Gourmet Dinner)

Saturday: Single ticket only i.e. no guest (Auction and Gourmet Lunch)

Anyone wishing to bring a guest on Saturday or only attend the Auction on Saturday will be required to purchase a full ticket at R1,800.

Auction tickets are inclusive of VAT.

Ticket Refund:

A ticket will be refunded in full when R10,000 (excluding VAT) or more is spent on Auction. If more than one ticket is purchased, the ticket will be refunded in full for every additional R10,000 (excluding VAT) spent. For example, if R10,000 (ex VAT) is spent, R1,800 will be refunded, If R20,000 (ex VAT) is spent R3,600 will be refunded if two tickets are purchased etc. No partial or pro-rata refunds will be given.

Auction day is all about business and anyone attending is encouraged to be an active participant in the auction. The Auction will be followed by a gourmet lunch and an excellent opportunity to network and interact in a relaxed atmosphere.

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If you would like to participate in this years Nederburg Auction and accept the requirement to purchase a ticket, please complete all fields in the form below.

Only a limited number of tickets are made available to new Auction participants. All requests for tickets will be considered during May and June and applications will close on 13 July 2018.