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The Nederburg Auction, South Africa’s premier wine auction, takes place over two days in September each year. The pre-Auction tasting takes place on the first day, where buyers are given an opportunity to meet the creators of some of South Africa’s most exhilarating wines and to taste all but the rarest wines going under the hammer. This is then followed but the Auction, Charity Auction, networking and entertainment on day two. The carefully selected judging panel consisting of wine experts and Masters of Wine (MW) have selected some of the most rare and iconic South African wines for this years Auction. In establishing itself as one of the best wine auctions globally with a focus on rare vintages, iconic wines and wines which are expected to age exceptionally well, wine lovers and wine investors are invited to apply for the few available tickets to attend. This exclusive experience is by invitation only and invitations are limited and distributed at the discretion of the Nederburg Auction organisers.

Attendance requires a donation of R1,800 per person invited to attend, which is donated by the auction organisers to the charity auction beneficiaries. The donation is only charged in the first year of attendance as long as new participants are active and successful investors in the auction. Investors will be included on future guest lists, without a requirement for a donation should the requirements be met. An invitation is for both Friday and Saturday.

An invitation to participate includes the Friday pre-tasting of all wines being auctioned, of which a handful are too rare to taste and will only be available for purchase. All tastings are hosted by the producers and provide an opportunity to understand their pursuit of perfection in creating the wines for auction. On Auction day, participants will be treated to some of the finest foods and beverages, which are also synonymous with the Cape Winelands. World-class chefs and baristas are on hand to indulge participants in their unique pursuit of perfection with their culinary and coffee creations accompanied by live entertainment. From breakfast canapés to alfresco lunch and canapés while bidding, participants are catered for from beginning to end. Auction day is all about business and anyone attending is encouraged to be an active participant in the auction. The Auction will be followed by an excellent opportunity to network and interact in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Applications close on 31 July 2018.