Entry Guidelines

Entry rules:

  • Red Wines must be from the 2012 vintage or older.
  • White Wines must be from the 2015 vintage or older.
  • Special Late Harvest or Noble Late Harvest Wines must be from the 2012 vintage or older.
  • Fortified Wines must be from the 2012 vintage or older.
  • Both red and white wines must have been unavailable to the retail trade or public for at least one year prior to the submission date.
  • All wines sold on the Nederburg Auction must be export-ready until the end of the year i.e. 31st December 2018. Please email the Sensorial Period report for your wine/s from Wine Online to Juanita Smith jlsmith@distell.co.za
  • Wines with Gold or Double Gold awards at this year’s Veritas show will not be considered for inclusion in the 2018 Auction unless it is reserved exclusively for the Nederburg Auction.
  • Bottle seal codes must correspond with final certification supplied.
  • Bottle and case barcodes are compulsory.

Entry guidelines:

  • Buyers are looking for genuinely rare items not available in the trade, so it’s key to carefully consider what you submit.
  • Smaller volumes can lead to competitive bidding, whilst larger ones may result in marginal increases on the suggested reserve price.
  • A-list of awards: Competitive bidding on the day is enhanced by recognised awards.  Examples, just to mention a few, include: Platter 5-star | Veritas Double Gold | Parker 90+ ratings | Tim Atkin SA Report 90+ | Stephen Spurrier 90+
  • Wines should be submitted in relation to volume, brand and type of wine. For example a well-known variety such as Cabernet Sauvignon tends to do well no matter the volume. An unknown variety such as Grenache Noir should be submitted in smaller volumes. One should also consider smaller volumes with very old white wines.
  • Magnums & Verticals add diversity and interest.

Benefits for producers:

  • Tasting notes are available upon request, regardless of whether your wines were successful or not.
  • Previous auction successes enhance overall brand support and buyer activity.
  • The focus on current and future activities is crucial to ensure continued success.
  • Participating producers receive 75% of the income from auction sales – the auction revenues 25%.
  • The official Nederburg Auction seal, “Sold at the Nederburg Auction”, will be affixed to each bottle. This activity is undertaken by the Auction team as soon as auction stock has been delivered in May.
  • All participating producers will receive 2 x tickets to the event.
  • At the event producers have the opportunity to impress the buyers at the producer tasting as many can still be swayed at this point.
  • We trust that it’s beneficial to our producers and buyers in terms of quality and service excellence.