Sample and stock requirements

Requirements of samples and auction stock:

Please note that we initially will only require samples for the selection tasting, but if your wine is selected for the auction we will require additional samples for the pre-auction tasting held in Cape Town and Johannesburg, as well as for the auction tastings the morning of the event.  Please see the table below for more detail.

We do realise that samples are a drain on expensive stock, so the requirements below are purely our guideline to give you a maximum opportunity to be included in the wine line up. You will notice in the table below that we normally request 3 x samples per tasting / event, but you can risk submitting less.  Please do take note though that the judges may call for a second and even third bottle if they for some reason query the first or second bottle. If you have only submitted one, then you lose this opportunity to still be included.

PLEASE NOTE:  A very tight usage record is kept of all samples used at all tasting events. 

  • We will only require samples for the Pre-Auction tastings if we have used all samples submitted for the Selection Tasting.
  • We will only require samples for the auction if we have used all samples at the pre-auction tastings.
  • All leftover samples may be collected from the Auction Office after the event.
Selection TastingNederburg3 x 750ml4 x 375ml2 x 1.5LFebruary
Pre-Auction TastingCape Town3 x 750ml4 x 375ml2 x 1.5LMay
Pre-Auction TastingJohannesburg3 x 750ml4 x 375ml2 x 1.5LMay
Auction TastingAuction Event3 x 750ml4 x 375ml2 x 1.5LMay
TOTAL SAMPLE REQUIREMENTCould therefore be 4 bottles – all depending on the quality of the samples
Auction StockNederburgNo specific requirement for the actual auction. Stock to be the amount as per initial online entryMay

Selection tasting information

  • All selection tasting wine samples must be delivered upon submission to the Auction Office at Die Bergkelder, Stellenbosch. Click here to view map and directions
  • It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that the selection tasting wines are delivered before the deadline, otherwise your entry will be withdrawn automatically.
  • Please ensure wine samples / bottles are clearly labelled.

Pre-auction tasting information:

  • All producers have to submit samples for the pre-auction tasting.
  • Please ensure wine samples / bottles are clearly labelled.
  • Samples to be delivered with auction stock the same day as per scheduled contract appointment.

Auction stock information and delivery:

  • We do not require a specific volume to be entered.
  • Producers may submit any amount between 1 – 100 cases.
  • The entries will be transported at the Entrant’s risk and it will be the Entrant’s responsibility to arrange adequate insurance.
  • The Auction Office will not be held liable for any loss or damage to the Entries whatsoever whilst the Entries are in the possession of the Entrant, the Agent or at any stage during the delivery process.
  • Please ensure wines are neatly packed.
  • The delivery of auction stock to be delivered with pre-auction samples the same day as per the scheduled contract appointment.
  • Details of wine will be checked against the online submission information / per contract
  • Bottle and case barcodes to be 100% correct upon delivery
  • Incorrect information of wine vs submission details will be returned to the sender for their own account.
  • All SAWIS certified wines must be export-ready until the end of December.
  • Older vintages (i.e. 1974 and older which is pre-SAWIS Certification) will be submitted to DAFF post the selection tasting. This will be requested and managed by the Auction Office.
  • Barcodes of bottles and cases will be checked upon delivery of stock and checked against contract information.