This section is for all South African producers of wine. If you have a special, rare wine in your cellar that you would like to sell through the auction platform, all the key information that you need to know appears in the relevant section below.

For our guidelines please click here or to enter your wine, click here.

All key dates relating to submissions can be viewed on the timeline.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions we receive that might cover some of your queries. Alternatively please contact the auction office.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. Who can enter?

All South African producers of wine are invited to enter their products. Regretfully the auction is not open to wine collectors to submit their wines.

2. Is there an entry cost?

The Auction office charges R500 per bottle.  This is purely to recoup some of the cost of the selection tasting (including judges’ flights, accommodation, fees etc) and prevent producers from utilising the panel as a benchmark tasting.

3. What volumes are required?

We do not require a specific volume.  The wine type and vintage plays a role.  Previously anything between one case and 100+ cases have been submitted. Please note that we only accept large numbers of cases if the wine is made specifically with the auction in mind, for example Nederburg’s Private Bin labels.

4. Are samples required?

Yes we do require samples. Initially only for the selection tasting, but should your wine be selected for the auction, we will require additional samples for the various pre-auction tastings. Please refer to the guidelines just below.

Selection Tasting (required): 3 x 750ml or 4 x 375ml or 2 x 1.5L
Cape Town pre-auction tasting (TBC): 3 x 750ml or 4 x 375ml or 2 x 1.5L
Johannesburg pre-auction tasting (TBC): 3 x 750ml or 4 x 375ml or 2 x 1.5L
Auction tasting on Auction Day (required): 3 x 750ml or 4 x 375ml or 2 x 1.5L

5. Who receives the income from sales?

Participating producers receive 75% of the income from auction sales – the remaining 25% goes to the auction office. Payment for wines sold at the Auction will be executed approximately six weeks post event.

6. Who tastes the wines?

Wines submitted will undergo a stringent selection process that involves an audited blind tasting conducted by a highly qualified [panel], of local and international wine judges.

7. Who delivers the wines and who pays the delivery cost?

All wines sold on the Nederburg Auction must be export-ready until the end of the year, as a number of the wines sold on auction are exported.  Producers must supply a Sensorial Period report as proof, as well as a WSR4 certificate.

8. If my wine is selected, what happens next?

Once the audited results are available, the respective producers will be contacted via email to arrange an appointment to sign a contract and at the same time deliver the (1) balance of the wine samples for the pre-auction tastings – see key information for more info (2) the actual auction stock, which we’ll store in our coldstore at [Bergkelder].

The official Nederburg Auction seal, “Sold at the Nederburg Auction”, will be affixed to each bottle. This activity is undertaken by the Auction team as soon as auction stock has been delivered.