Event Information (FOR PRODUCERS)

Herewith a few points you need to know.   Please read carefully to avoid disappointment.

All participating producers will receive 2 x tickets to the event.

We trust that your wines will fetch the prices they deserve.  You still have one opportunity to impress the buyers – and that is at the informal tasting. Please use this opportunity as many buyers can still be swayed at this point.

Please note the change in the programme to this year’s event.  Demand for tickets far exceeds the number of tickets available, so we’ve implemented changes to accommodate the huge increase in private buyers – which should have a positive effect on prices achieved.


As in previous years – the Auction office will provide the following:

  • White tasting counter (no table cloth required)
  • Water for rinsing
  • Drinking water
  • Ice buckets for the MCC wines only
  • Spittoons
  • Drip stops

You just need to bring your (1) business cards, (2) wine opener and (3) one or two fact sheets.


We have your wine samples already in hand and will ensure that it is stored at the correct temperature. The auction team will ensure that your wines are on your stand.  Any samples left after the tasting may be collected by your colleagues, or will be transferred back to the auction office from where they can be collected the following week.


This year the auction will again be making use of a mobile ticket entry code system.  The administrative person (person who receives the auction communication) will receive the invite and will be asked to complete the guest details. Please make sure that your winemaker attends the auction to engage with the buyers for maximum impact. The individuals who have been nominated in the invite will receive an automatic invite from us.

All guests will receive an SMS message, containing a link to a barcode that will be your gate access on both mornings. This will be issued the day before the auction commences.

*** Please do NOT allocate the same mobile number to more than one person, as it will cause some issues at the gate.


Please remember the dress code is business attire.

Please be present in the hall when your lots are up and try wherever possible to thank the buyer at the end of the proceedings.

Networking – we invite you to join us in hosting this showcase of South Africa’s fine, rare wines and make all our buying guests feel welcome.