Key Information

The catalogue:

  • The catalogue contains all the details of the auction wines and is an essential information source for buyers to browse through the wine line up.
  • Information includes a description of each winery, wine and reserve price.
  • We provide each producer the opportunity to market their product through this platform and request that the information is of high quality.
  • It represents each winery and product/s on auction including the characteristic values of your brand.
  • We believe the catalogue is a graphic piece that perfectly complements the exclusivity of the event but more importantly your
  • The catalogue is available at the Pre-Auction Tastings held in Cape Town and Johannesburg as well as the Event.

The presentation:

  • The principal advantage of any presentation is that you can interact with your audience.
  • This visual aid enables the producer to build up an image to draw attention or to emphasise key elements with regards to your brand.
  • We do require the following information from each producer:
    • Special Notes “why your wine is special / unique”
    • A pack shot of the wine bottle

Pre-auction tasting:

  • Where in South Africa do buyers get the opportunity to taste the wines before they purchase it?
  • The Nederburg Auction provides a platform of opportunity to each and every buyer to taste the wines before the bidding starts.
  • Meet and engage with the winemaker and or marketing representative – this sense of engagement is indeed a unique moment for any buyer.
  • The auction requires a minimal amount of samples to enable us to host these tastings.
  • The Pre-Auction Tastings consists of 3 x opportunities to taste – 1st tasting is held in Cape Town each year, 2nd tasting in Johannesburg and the last tasting at the auction event.
  • Ensure your clientele is fully aware of the tasting dates not to miss out!

The event:

  • This annual fine wine event offers a collection of rare, fine South African wines.
  • Producers will receive 2 x tickets to host buyers at the pre-tasting
  • Producers have the opportunity to nominate potential buyers ensuring your clientele reaches the top invitation list
  • Click here to view the program
  • Click here for a full overview of the auction timeline and deadlines

Post auction:

  • Payment for wines sold at the Auction will be executed approximately six weeks post event.
  • Sales Summaries of sold wines will be distributed via email to all producers within the first week post the event
  • Deliveries to buyers will be executed approximately six weeks post event

We trust that your wine will fetch the prices they deserve.