Nederburg Auction Seal



Each of the wines sold at the Nederburg Auction has earned the Auction’s Seal, which is affixed to each bottle as a mark of quality and authenticity. This golden seal is an endorsement and a reassurance for both trade and consumers that these wines represent the pinnacle of rare, properly matured, fine South African wines.

Every wine selected for the Nederburg Auction has to fulfill four criteria before it can be deemed worthy to come under the hammer:

  1. The Nederburg Auction encourages winemakers to submit wines that they feel represent the pinnacle of their winemaking skills, and which are no longer available anywhere else in order to enhance the rarity factor for the wines that will be auctioned.
  2. Wines submitted must be at least six years old for red, fortified and sweet wines,  and three years old for white wines and MCC.
  3. Each wine must then pass the exhaustive selection process that sees them overcome character, style, and quality benchmarks, as judged by the panel of wine experts. The selection tasting is conducted blind and the results are audited.
  4. The final consideration is whether the wines will, in the opinion of the selection panel, continue to evolve and mature in order to provide a return on investment for buyers. This unique approach presents buyers with the opportunity to purchase fine, bottle-aged wines that they can sell or serve immediately, confident in the knowledge that the wine will continue to mature and evolve should they wish to extend its shelf life in order to extract additional value.

Click here for a short visual explanation of the Seal of Approval, with comment from key industry role players